Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Juan Pablo has enjoyed the profound experience of having travelled by motorcycle all over the world.  Although trained as an industrial engineer, his personal history depicts him as an adventurer that has endured just about all of the adversities of the road, with the capacity to solve them in a leadership-led, efficient manner.  He speaks excellent English and draws on his mechanical knowledge when the need dictates.  Ever since he was young, he dreamed of travelling the world by motorcycle, it is as if his own blood is the gas on which his bike relies.


I have two trips that really impacted on me.  My first motorcycle trip was in Australia.  I saved enough money and bought a Suzuki Dakar 650, travelling 14,000 kilometres in one month.  The best part was crossing the Telegraph track; 1,000 kilometres taking in river crossings up to your waist.  Spirits not dampened, just the footwear, I arrived at a beach akin to my fantasized picture of paradise.  I had many experiences on the trip that allowed me to discover the solitude of the motorcycle, back then, my only companion on the journey.” 

The second trip enabled me to realize a dream of mine.  I bought a BMW R80 and air-freighted it from Argentina to the US.  From Seattle I travelled north to Alaska, through Canada up to the Arctic Sea and headed south again to Ushuaia—the southernmost tip of Argentina before riding home to Mendoza.  It was four and a half months surrounded by colour and contrast, gaining innumerable anecdotes along the way.  Unforgettable moments such as setting suns that I stopped to absorb, watching my shadow on the side of the road play throughout the distance, and feeling a cold so great that I had to yell inside my helmet to warm my face.  Namely, there were certain aspects of a solo trip that many times I missed being able to share with someone else along the way.” 

What has stayed with me from all the trips is the number of people that open their doors to someone on a motorcycle.  Sharing their home, family and bread with me, alongside baring their soul.  You discover the importance of companionship and the value of people, who—in asking no questions—frequently help you unconditionally without a hint of recompense.  It’s incredible and left me humbled to the core.  Not to mention the large communities of motorcyclists comprising folks from all walks of life; the motorcycle connects you to camaraderie, opens doors of rich opportunity and experiences that are priceless.”