Fluent in Spanish and English, Toto is an expert guide in bike trails and responsible for the logistics of the tours; he ensures that the tours are executed in the most optimal conditions.   He is renowned for his ability in selecting the best routes/trails that provide the rider(s) with the ultimate experience on two wheels.  As a successful participant in the Enduro championships since 2005, he also adores other adventure sports such as open water swimming, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking. 


When I bought my first motorcycle, I began a lifestyle where I was surrounded by people who were passionate about bikes, who organized trips and other types of activities engaged in the outdoors.  I learned that the experience is not bound to just the pleasure of riding the motorcycle, but also the places you go and the people you meet.  Everything creates and adds value to the experience.”

“One experience I had was a trip to see the Dakar race in the Nihuil dunes, sharing a bonfire and camping in the middle of the dunes.  I remember more of the shared moments than I do of the actual ride.  The memory of this trip with friends will stay with me for the rest of my life.”